Raven_X – Impregnating Your Mother


Sex Acts: dirty talking, incest roleplay, mother-son roleplay, virtual sex, mommy talk, dildo blowjob, impregnation fantasy

scene starts with mommy / dirty talking and proceeds to sucking a dildo while mommy talking. then virtually rides it while dirty talking and talking about getting impregnated.
Original plot from clips4sale:

Things are going well for you lately.Your mother got engaged, the new guy is pretty decent..Older but takes good care of your mother and pays for your college and all of the other expenses.You’re doing good in college,and even better with college girls…so there is nothing to complain about.
You were laying on your bed when your mother walked in.She was wearing a satin robe,stockings and high heels.Something red and lacy was showing underneath the robe.She usually doesn’t dress like that around you.She says she needs to talk to you about something important…her face is serious,like she’s worried about something.
Baby,we have a problem.The thing is,david keeps talking about having a baby.He seems really serious about it. We’ve been trying for a while,but nothing.And I don’t think it will happen.Honestly,he is too old for that,but he just won’t except that,and is blaming me.It got to the point that if I don’t get pregnant soon,he’ll leave me.And we both know what that means for us.No more of this lifestyle and you’d have to drop out of college.It’s just something we can’t allow.So I came up with the idea,the only option that will get us out of this situation.You’ll have to get me pregnant.Don’t look at me like I’m crazy.You have to do it.For both of our sake.I know you can.You’re young,strong and potent.You’ll get mommy pregnant in no time.Even tho,this will change our relationship,things won’t be the same between us,but since we got to do it,why not enjoy it.That’s why I’m wearing this baby.I thought you’d like it. I’ve put this sexy lingerie on just for you honey,I thought it will turn you on.Do you like it baby?You just tell me what you want,what you need me to do to you,and I will.You can do whatever you want to me too.Whatever gets you there.To the finish line.To the point when you’ll fill your mother with your seed.When you’ll push your hard throbbing cock in me,deep in my pussy,as deep as it goes,and cum.You’ll shoot your seed straight into mommys’ uterus.Every drop of that hot cum.You’ll get me pregnant baby,no doubt about it.But even if it doesn’t happen on the first try,we’ll try again,again and again…

Date: June 3, 2018
Actors: Raven X